A New Mitford Memoir

Debo Devonshire joins her literary sisters with: Wait for me!

To celebrate her 90th birthday, the youngest and only surviving Mitford sister, has published her own memoir: Wait for me!, purely in order, she claims, to ensure that no-one else wrote it. Debo Devonshire married Andrew Cavendish during the war and when he acceded to the Dukedom, she set about the task of repaying the vast debts owed to the government in death duties. Today Chatsworth is one of the most successful ‘stately’ homes in Britain, with a thriving farm and art collection, and Debo remains heavily involved in its running, despite having retired to a house in the village. From the trauma of the Second World War to her friendships with famous writers, painters and politicians, hers is a fascinating story, filled with tragedies faced bravely and triumphs worn lightly.

Nancy Mitford immortalised ‘Muv’, ‘Farve’ and their eccentric childhoods in her novels The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, while Jessica’s Hons and Rebels was an unforgettable portrait of their lives: Unity scratching swastikas into the nursery windows, while Jessica defiantly engraved hammers and sickles. Debo Devonshire has all the Mitford charm and wit and her memoir, dealing as it does, as much with her later life as with her childhood, will delight all Mitford fans.

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