New edition of the Aeneid

Limited edition gives a new treatment to classical images

The latest in our series of limited editions of world classics, the Aeneid, has been greeted with great admiration. It is illustrated with details from Roman frescoes, mainly from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia. Most of them date from the 1st century AD, not long after Virgil’s own lifetime, and many depict scenes from the Aeneid itself.

In the case of two of them, one of Aeneas with his father and son and another with Aeneas carrying the armour of the Etruscan king Mezentius, this is the first time they have been reproduced in book form. Each image occupies an entire page, allowing the personalities of the figures depicted to emerge as never before. A copy is now on display in the Members' Room – if you are able to come by and see it for yourself, we recommend you do so. To read more about our limited edition of the Aeneid, click here.

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