Germinal introduction in The Guardian

Folio commissioned piece by Ruth Scurr published 19 June

The Guardian Review reproduced Ruth Scurr's introduction to the Folio edition of Emile Zola's Germinal on Saturday 19 June. Zola's masterpiece of naturalistic fiction is considered one of the great novels of the 19th century. In her introduction, Ruth Scurr explains how 'psychologically, socially and politically, Germinal was a trailblazing fiction'. In his passionate outcry against injustice and the inhumane working conditions suffered by contemporary miners, Zola exposed the dark side of human nature, yet still believed that out of despair, change could come. She also points out, however, that whilst the novel had political repercussions when it was first published, today we can admire its greatness as 'a parable of the love-hate relationship human beings have to the earth'. Click through to The Guardian site here.

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