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T. S. Eliot considered Aeneid to be the most important single work in Western literature: the supreme literary achievement of the most influential culture in European history and the standard by which all subsequent works were to be judged.

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Aeneid book


Limited to 1,750 copies

US$ 345.00

A landmark of English poetry, The Canterbury Tales has appeared in many illustrated editions. This one, illustrated by Eric Gill, is among the most remarkable.

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The Canterbury Tales book

The Canterbury Tales

Limited to 1,980 copies

US$ 595.00

A masterly facsimile of the acclaimed Golden Cockerel Press edition of Chaucer’s masterpiece, this edition unites the talents of typographer Robert Gibbings and engraver Eric Gill.

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Troilus and Criseyde book

Troilus and Criseyde

Limited to 1,250 copies

US$ 595.00

The Faerie Queene, illustrated by Walter Crane, is one of the most beautiful works of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Limited to 1,000 numbered copies, this is a gorgeous facsimile of a piece of publishing history.

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The Faerie Queene book

The Faerie Queene

Limited to 1,000 copies

US$ 895.00

Ovid’s epic poem is brought together with Titian’s paintings for the first time in this landmark publication.

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Metamorphoses book


Limited to 2,750 copies

US$ 475.00

This is the first facsimile of this exquisite manuscript and provides a fascinating record of William Morris’s creative method.

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The Odes of Horace book

The Odes of Horace

Limited to 980 copies

US$ 595.00

Folio presents an exquisite facsimile of the Pearl Manuscript: the sole source for the poems 'Pearl', 'Cleanness', 'Patience' and 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' and one of the most important texts in medieval English literature.

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The Pearl Manuscript book

The Pearl Manuscript

Limited to 980 copies

US$ 595.00

A limited edition to commemorate the poet's death in April 1915. Published in series with Edward Thomas: Selected Poems and designed to emulate the fine press editions of the early 20th century.

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Rupert Brooke - Selected Poems book

Rupert Brooke - Selected Poems

Limited to 1,750 numbered copies

US$ 330.00

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