The Folio Society’s collection of classic reference books are an unparalleled repository of knowledge. With dictionaries, encyclopaedia and atlases – there is no fact you cannot check. We select works from some of the world’s renowned reference publishers such as Chambers, Oxford University Press and Penguin. See below for the full list of Folio Reference books.

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The Earth - An Intimate History book

The Earth - An Intimate History

Richard Fortey

In his ‘Intimate History’, Richard Fortey unlocks the geological secrets of the earth – its origin and the constant processes that destroy and create it. His aim is to unite the natural and human history of particular places with the geological realities that underlie them.

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The First World War book

The First World War

Martin Gilbert

In his engrossing account, Martin Gilbert traces each step of the war’s progression, from the tensions and alliances leading up to it and the first skirmishes on the French and Belgian borders, to the final peacemaking and remembrance. His geographical scope is equally broad, from Mesopotamia and East Africa to the ‘forgotten war’ waged in the Atlantic.

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The Second World War book

The Second World War

Martin Gilbert

A truly epic history, The Second World War covers all the fronts on which this deadly six-year conflict was fought: on land, at sea and in the air, from Finland and Norway to Burma and Japan. Interwoven with this overview are the often heroic actions of individuals.

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