Grimm's Fairy Tales

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

This Folio edition, a facsimile of the British edition of 1909, contains sixty of The Brothers Grimm's most famous tales, including 'Snow White', Hansel and Gretel' and 'Red Riding Hood'.

Published price: US$ 84.95


Grimm's Fairy Tales

'I will give you three days,' said he, 'and if within that time you discover my name you shall keep the child'
From 'Rumpelstiltskin'

It is curious to think that we owe so many of our best-loved fairy tales - from 'The Frog Prince' to 'Rapunzel' - to the scholarship of two German brothers in the 19th century.

The Brothers Grimm collected some 200 traditional tales of Northern Europe that might very well otherwise have been lost to us. This Folio edition contains sixty of the most famous, including 'Snow White', Hansel and Gretel' and 'Red Riding Hood'.

Their influence cannot be overstated; W. H. Auden considered them founding texts of Western culture: 'It is hardly too much to say that these tales rank next to the Bible in importance'. Illustrated with Arthur Rackham's exquisite pictures, these stories will forever be associated with fairy magic.

Production Details

  • 60 classics collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  • Translated by Mrs Edgar Lucas.
  • Bound in full cloth.
  • Set in Scotch Roman.
  • 39 colour plates and 55 black and white illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
  • Book size: 10" x 7 1/2".
  • 336 pages.


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Review by anon on 11th Jul 2014

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating: 5/5

"You cannot go wrong with this book.It looks stunning on the shelf,especially when standing alongside the other two facsimiles. It is well worth the price as it is a pretty big book and more importa..." [read more]

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