Scott's Last Expedition

The Journals of Captain R.F. Scott


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Introduction by J. M. Barrie

Photographs by Herbert Ponting (© Royal Geographical Society)

Bound in cloth.

576 pages; approx.

82 black & white photographs and 7 line drawings.

Book Size: 10" × 6¾".


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Scott's Last Expedition

‘A leader of great courage and willpower’

'Nothing in our time has touched the whole nation so instantly and so deeply as the loss of these men,’ reported the Manchester Guardian in 1913, after the tragic end of Captain Robert Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. Scott’s team was beaten to the Pole by Roald Amundsen’s Norwegian team and he died just 11 miles from his relief depot, but the tale of endurance and self-sacrifice recorded in his journal remains a testament to the heroism of his enterprise.

From the first days of the great expedition right up to Scott’s final, anguished scrawl – ‘for God’s sake look after our people’ – the journal, found on his body eight months after his death, retains the power to move us. Who can forget Captain Oates’ walk to his death in the snow (‘I am just going outside and may be some time’), or Scott’s quiet acceptance of defeat when he discovers the Norwegians have reached the Pole first (‘All the day dreams must go; it will be a wearisome return’). Scott’s character emerges strongly in frequent flashes of humour and in his sensitivity to the beauty of the Antarctic landscape. Most absorbing, however, is his honest expression of his hopes and frustrations. Setting out on the southern journey, he exclaims, ‘I can think of nothing left undone to deserve success’; but trapped by a blizzard, he writes ‘Miserable, utterly miserable. We have camped in the "Slough of Despond".’

This Folio Society publication of the complete journal contains several appendices including J. M. Barrie’s introduction from the 1914 edition, the expedition doctor’s account of finding the bodies and Scott’s final letters. Over 80 photographs have been selected from sources including the Scott Polar Research Institute and the Royal Geographical Society; they provide a remarkably poignant accompaniment. No matter how many biographies are written or films are made of the story, nothing can match Scott’s own epic, elegiac account.

‘It is the story of Scott, told by himself, which will give the book a place among the great books of the world’

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Review by Charlie Le Marquand on 11th Dec 2013

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"I must first say it is incredibly rare for me to ever write a review of something, in fact, up until now, I have never bothered to review anything i've bought, so this book is pretty special as I spec..." [read more]

Review by Shaun2307 on 3rd Jul 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"A beautiful, dignified and respectful edition that chronicles Captain Scott's last expedition and words. The binding is exquisite, as is the typeface used. The generous amount of photographs are start..." [read more]

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