Winter: A Folio Anthology

Edited by Sue Bradbury

Introduced by Susan Cooper
Illustrated by Petra Börner

This special collection celebrates the winter season with over 50 poems, memoirs and novel extracts. This edition is completed by Petra Börner's charming illustrations and Susan Cooper's thoughtful introduction.

Published price: US$ 42.95


Winter: A Folio Anthology

Winter is the season traditionally beloved of voracious readers, where each shorter day seems to suggest an evening spent curled up by the fire with a good book. It is celebrated here in a special collection that features extracts from novels, memoirs and diaries, as well as poetry and letters.

We are treated to Charlotte Brontë’s beautiful evocation of nature in Jane Eyre, and witness the northern lights with Captain Scott: ‘fold on fold the arches and curtains of vibrating luminosity rose and spread across the sky’. Elsewhere we visit with Charles Dickens – surely the patron saint of Christmas – and learn of the difficulties inherent in capturing images of snowflakes with photographer Wilson Bentley. These and many other fragments and gems extol the delights of the coldest season.

Accompanying the selections are illustrations by the Swedish artist Petra Börner, who has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. Her charming images – of winter woods, wildlife and festive baubles – are presented in four double-page spreads, while motifs from her illustrations appear throughout the text. In her introduction, award-winning author Susan Cooper contemplates the particular contradictions of this season of promises: the bleakness of the landscape as nature retreats, the bright festivities at the heart of winter, and the coming rebirth of spring. Winter: A Folio Anthology is a collection that summons a ‘quintessential seasonal magic’.

Production Details

Winter: A Folio Anthology book
  • Bound in quarter cloth with Modigliani paper sides
  • Printed with a design by Petra Börner
  • Set in Caslon
  • 96 pages
  • Integrated colour illustrations
  • 8¾˝ × 5½˝


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