French Provincial Cooking

Elizabeth David
French Provincial Cooking book

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Quarter-bound in cloth.

528 pages.

50 drawings by Juliet Renny.

Frontispiece and 8 full-page watercolours by Sophie MacCarthy.

French Provincial Cooking

From the lavender scented hillsides of Provence to the 'beautiful blue and cream tiled' charcuterie in the Ardéche, French Provincial Cooking brings together a vast array of recipes for sauces, salads, terrines, patés, vegetables, fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, game, and desserts. Elizabeth David always succeeds in inducing a desire to use each recipe as soon as it is read, whether it's one of the great set pieces, like cassoulet or coq au vin or a simple meal of omelette and green salad.

Interwoven with details of ingredients and methods, are fascinating snippets - she quotes Colette, for instance: 'If I can't have too many truffles, I'll do without truffles.' French Provincial Cooking is considered to be the crowning achievement of Elizabeth David's career, incorporating exquisite recipes from great chefs alongside those gathered from local cooks and one of the finest bibliographies of good cookery books ever compiled.

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