Over Sea, Under Stone

Susan Cooper
Over Sea, Under Stone book


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more illustrations 


New preface by the author.

Book Illustrated by Laura Carlin.

Quarter-bound in buckram with Modigliani paper sides.

Printed with a design by Laura Carlin.

Set in Elysium with Clairvaux display.

Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations.

Book Size: 9" × 6¼".

216 pages.


5/5 from 3 Reviews

Over Sea, Under Stone

‘The grail may not leave this land, but must wait the Pendragon, till the day comes. So therefore, I trust it to this land, over sea and under stone, and I mark here the signs ...’

‘Cooper’s superior writing is informed by a love of folklore, British history, myth and nature’

Simon, Jane and Barney Drew know that their holiday in Cornwall will be a wonderful one. The seaside village of Trewissick is filled with fishermen to chat to, and the house they are staying in has secret passages, stairways and even a hidden attic to explore. Best of all, they have their mysterious, enthralling Great-Uncle Merry all to themselves for four whole weeks. When they discover an ancient manuscript hidden in the house, it seems a harmless excitement, but first a burglary, and then a frightening moonlit encounter among the standing stones on the headland reveal that the children are not the only ones interested in the parchment. All at once Trewissick seems to wear a different face: the friendly fishermen, helpful vicar and motherly housekeeper may not be all they seem. It may be that not even Great-Uncle Merry can protect the children from the terrifying figures of the Dark.

The first book in the award-winning The Dark is Rising sequence, Over Sea, Under Stone also stands alone as a thrilling mixture of adventure and fantasy. Its theme is the eternal battle between the Light and the Dark, which Merry tells the children ‘goes on all round us all the time, like two armies fighting’. Susan Cooper has contributed a new preface to this edition, in which she explains that the original impetus for this story was a literary competition (a catalyst that soon vanished as the novel took on its own life). She has also been involved in choosing the illustrator: Laura Carlin’s unerring sense of colour and eye for the uncanny have created memorable, evocative images of both the characters and landscape.

‘A writer of great integrity and skill’
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Susan Cooper reads from Over Sea, Under Stone

Susan Cooper

Interview with Susan Cooper by our Managing Editor, Johanna Geary

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Review by ajmcg on 9th Jun 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"Discovering this series of books, courtesy of Folio, has been a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. The stories are gripping, and their complex plot unfolds at exactly the right pace. So too th..." [read more]

Review by loryh0907 on 23rd May 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"I purchased this book because I have been a longtime fan of the other books in the sequence (written much later) but did not have this one. The story is not quite as complex as the later books, and sh..." [read more]

Review by mfujdala on 14th Mar 2012

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"I can't overstate how much I have enjoyed the new Folio Society edition of "Over Sea, Under Stone". The choice of illustrator was truly inspired. But I must say my favorite aspect is the typeface! A b..." [read more]

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