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Introduced by David Almond.

Illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.

Translated by Mary Alice Murray.

Three-quarter bound in buckram with a Modigliani paper side.

Printed with a design by Grahame Baker-Smith.

216 pages with 18 colour illustrations.

Book Size: 10" × 7½".


4/5 from 1 Review


Frontis'Do not strike me so hard!’ When Master Cherry the carpenter begins to carve a piece of wood to make a table leg, he is astonished to hear a little voice call out in protest. He gives the piece of wood to Geppetto, who carves it into a puppet, intending to tour the world with a puppet show. But Pinocchio has other ideas – he wants to be a real boy. For generations, children have thrilled to the adventures of the wooden puppet whose nose grows when he tells a lie. Pinocchio first appeared in Italy in 1881, serialised in a weekly newspaper. Author Carlo Collodi killed his creation off after eight instalments, but such was the outcry from readers that he decided to continue the story. Since then, Pinocchio has been adapted for screen, stage and even as an opera.

Impulsive and badly behaved, but with a good heart, Pinocchio is a truly engaging character. He goes off to school with grand ambitions to learn to read in a day, but is soon distracted and ends up selling his valuable spelling-book to buy a ticket to a puppet show. In the fast-moving, darkly humorous adventures that follow, Pinocchio is tricked by a wily Cat and Fox, sent to prison, turned into a donkey and swallowed whole by a fish. Like all children, Pinocchio can be naughty and headstrong: but these are the attributes that make him lovable – and human.

Carlo Collodi was born in Florence in 1826. His father’s master paid for him to be educated and trained as a priest, but he rebelled and studied philosophy before becoming a journalist and dramatist. This edition features a series of truly beautiful integrated and full-page illustrations by award-winning children’s illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith. David Almond, whose international awards for children’s fiction include the Carnegie Medal, two Whitbread Awards and the Hans Christian Andersen Award, has written a brilliant introduction exploring Pinocchio’s enduring appeal.

‘A tale for children that should be read by everyone’
David Almond

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Review by fchin123 on 21st Mar 2012

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"Superb binding, smilar to Wizard of Oz and Wind in the Willow; and superb illustrations. My only complaint: the number of illustrations is too few and many of the memorable scenes are not illustrated,..." [read more]

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