The Pink Fairy Book

Andrew Lang

Introduced by A. S. Byatt
Illustrated by Debra McFarlane

In these tales third-born sons seek their fortunes, lovely princesses are blown away by gusts of wind, cunning tricksters steal treasures from dragons, wicked wizards chase after their apprentices, and wise animals help their friends…

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The Pink Fairy Book

Andrew Lang was famous for his ‘Rainbow Fairy Books’ and generations of children including our introducer, the novelist A. S. Byatt, grew up reading these enchanting, and occasionally disturbing, stories. For The Pink Fairy Book, Lang drew upon a range of cultures and traditions, bringing together 41 stories from Japan, Scandinavia, Africa, Sicily and Catalonia, as well as enduring favourites including ‘The Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Andersen and ‘The House in the Wood’ by the Brothers Grimm. Many had never appeared in any English collection before and Lang had them translated and sympathetically retold. Here, gruesome stories (a princess possessed by a demon devours her guards) have their place alongside unashamedly comic ones (three merry wives play tricks on their husbands to determine which is the most stupid) and an occasional tragic tale (the little, much-loved snow child melts away in the fire’s heat).

Production Details

The Pink Fairy Book book

Introduced by A. S. Byatt

Illustrated by Debra McFarlane

Bound in cloth, blocked with a design by Debra McFarlane

352 pages

Frontispiece, 12 full-page colour illustrations and embellishments

Book size: 10” × 7½”

The Pink Fairy Book

Pink Fairy Book
‘He hid the box safely in his garments, seated himself on the back of the turtle, and vanished in the ocean path, waving his hand to the princess’

Debra McFarlane has produced dozens of lovely pen-and-ink drawings for these stories as well as 13 full-page colour paintings. In her whimsical and delicate artworks, fairies flit mischievously through the air, woodland animals prick up their ears and beautiful maidens catch the eyes of handsome boys. This is a gorgeous edition to treasure, whether you are introducing children to these ancient and compelling stories, or rediscovering for yourself their many pleasures and hidden meanings.

‘An eclectic collection like this is such a pleasure to read’

Classic stories included in this collection:

The Cats’ Elopement
How the Dragon Was Tricked
The Goblin and the Grocer
The House in the Wood
Uraschimataro and the Turtle
The Slaying of the Tanuki
The Flying Trunk
The Snow-Man
The Shirt-Collar
The Princess in the Chest
The Three Brothers
The Snow-Queen
The Fir-Tree
Hans, the Mermaid’s Son
Peter Bull

The Bird ‘Grip’
I Know What I Have Learned
The Cunning Shoemaker
The King Who Would Have a Beautiful Wife
Catherine and Her Destiny
How the Hermit Helped to Win the King’s Daughter
The Water of Life
The Wounded Lion
The Man without a Heart
The Two Brothers
Master and Pupil
The Golden Lion

The Sprig of Rosemary
The White Dove
The Troll’s Daughter
Esben and the Witch
Princess Minon-Minette
Maiden Bright-Eye
The Merry Wives
King Lindorm
The Jackal, the Dove, and the Panther
The Little Hare
The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue
The Story of Ciccu
Don Giovanni de la Fortuna

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Review by ladybug7482 on 13th Nov 2014

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating: 5/5

"I love all of the fairy books because they have great stories and illustrations."

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