China: A History in Objects

Jessica Harrison-Hall

The history of China – brilliantly told and brought vividly to life through 7,000 years of objects, from fine art to the everyday.

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China: A History in Objects

This lavish introduction to the history of China offers a fresh understanding of the country’s progress from the Neolithic age to the present. Written by Jessica Harrison-Hall, Head of the China Section at the British Museum, its six chapters are arranged chronologically and richly illustrated with an expertly selected and eclectic range of artefacts, artworks and materials, including decorative arts, costume, jewellery and furniture.

From the earliest archaeological relics and rituals, through the development of writing and state, to the advent of empire, the author charts China’s transformation from ancient civilisation into the world’s most populous nation and influential economy, offering historical insights and cultural treasures along the way.

Production Details

China: A History in Objects book
  • Published by Thames & Hudson
  • Hardback
  • 353 pages
  • 650 Illustrations
  • 240 x 170mm


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