The Name of the Rose

Umberto Eco
The Name of the Rose book

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Translated by William Weaver.

Bound in full cloth, blocked in gold and white.

8 illustrations in colour, and tailpieces by Neil Packer.

512 pages.

Book Size: 10" x 6¼".


4/5 from 1 Review

The Name of the Rose

Winter, 1327. The medieval Church is rife with corruption. High in a remote monastery in Northern Italy, a young monk has been found murdered in bizarre circumstances. Brother William, a learned member of the Franciscan order, is sent to the monastery to investigate. Accompanied by his young scribe, Adso of Melk - who at the beginning of his account asks only that 'the Lord grant me the grace to be a transparent witness of the happenings that took place in the abbey' - William sets about his task. But before he has had time to become acquainted with his new surroundings, another corpse is discovered, plunged head first into a vat of pig's blood. As the murders multiply, William must navigate his way through a bewildering maze of riddles, conundrums, signs and symbols to solve the ever-deepening mystery.

With digressions on everything from theological history to the intricacies of classical philosophy, from the art of manuscript illumination to the darker arts of the occult, the story provides a rich and enthralling feast of love and betrayal, skulduggery, faith and heresy. A runaway bestseller when first published in 1980, The Name of the Rose is a modern classic that will appeal to readers of histories and whodunits alike.

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Review by dimitrihk on 17th Nov 2012

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"So much has been written about this book over the years, but there has never been an edition quite as special as this. If you like your post-modernism with plenty of historical flavour and sinister pl..." [read more]

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