At the Crossing-Places

Kevin Crossley-Holland
At the Crossing-Places book


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Illustrated by John Lawrence.

Quarter-bound in cloth with printed paper sides.

Set in Bembo.


Colour and black & white illustrations.

344 pages.

Book size: 9" x 6¼".

At the Crossing-Places

Arthur has achieved his ambition to be made a squire, but the promise of the coming Crusade is half thrilling, half terrifying. Thankfully, Arthur can always retreat into the world of the stone. There he sees Lancelot and Guinevere burning with passion and Morgan-le-Fay plotting the downfall of King Arthur. Seeing Camelot in peril, Arthur is forced to ask himself questions about the kind of man he himself will become. Can he fight the Saracen, and perhaps his own father?

‘Deep scholarship, high imagination, and great gifts of storytelling have gone into this: I was spellbound’

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