On the Eve

Ivan Turgenev

Introduced by Hisham Matar
Illustrated by Lauren Nassef

One of Turgenev’s finest novels, On the Eve is a poignant love story and a portrait of Russian Society in the 1850s. Our edition is illustrated by Lauren Nassef and introduced by Hisham Matar.

Published price: US$ 67.95


On the Eve

A young man devoted to a political cause and an impulsive young woman looking to give her heart: On the Eve brings these characters together with consequences that are both believable and tragic. The story opens in the summer of 1853, when two young men are decorously courting the beautiful young Elena Nikolayevna. Shubin, a sculptor, is creating a portrait of her, while his friend Bersyenev tries to impress her with his philosophical learning. Their leisurely routine is upset by the arrival of Bersyenev’s friend Insarov. An ardent Bulgarian nationalist whose mother was killed by the Turks, he is determined to help liberate his country from Ottoman rule. Without setting out to do so, he wins Elena’s heart. But their future is threatened by family opposition, illness and the looming spectre of the Crimean War.

Production Details

On the Eve book
  • Translated by Gilbert Gardiner.
  • Bound in cloth.
  • Printed and blocked with a design by Lauren Nassef.
  • Set in Goudy.
  • Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations.
  • Book size: 11" × 7¼", 192 pages.

A poignant love story and portrait of Russian society

‘Exquisite… No one has had a closer vision, or a hand at once more ironic and more tender’

On the Eve is one of Turgenev’s finest novels, a poignant love story that is equally acclaimed as a portrait of Russian society in the 1850s. The innocence and idealism of the younger characters contrast with the world-weary older generation: Elena’s parents’ marriage is a model of cynicism and compromise. Turgenev also gently satirises the young Russians’ ethereal concerns, in contrast with the man of action, Insarov. Turgenev was perhaps Russia’s greatest prose artist, and this novel – the favourite of Henry James – contains some of his most accomplished passages, from his descriptions of Venice (where Insarov ends his days) to his famous simile comparing death to a fisherman: ‘the fish continues to swim about, but all the while the net is round it, and the fisherman will snatch it out in his own good time.’ Hisham Matar, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for In the Country of Men and a great admirer of Turgenev, has contributed a new introduction, while Lauren Nassef has produced a series of striking yet delicate illustrations.

‘What a beautiful design. I love the illustrations. Thank you for asking me to write this introduction.’


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Review by archbold on 20th Aug 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating: 5/5

"A poignant tale of a group of young men all in various stages of love with the heroine who is herself poised to fall in love with one of them. On the very brink of making her choice, the object of her..." [read more]

Review by dnbryant on 24th Oct 2012

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating: 4/5

"The illustrations are beautiful and are just what you would expect from the pictures shown by folio. The Story is good as well and fits perfectly into the genre of "jane austin" types of books. So i..." [read more]

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