The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Edward Gibbon
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire book

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Edited and introduced by Betty Radice and Felipe Fernandez-Armesto.

Illustrated with numerous contemporary engravings.

Bound in blocked vegetable parchment.

Over 3,000 pages.

8 volumes; Book size: 10" x 6¾".


3/5 from 1 Review

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Edward Gibbon’s masterpiece has never been surpassed for scholarship or elegant prose, remaining an everlasting historical classic. The spread of Christianity; the Barbarian invasions; the various sacks of Rome by Goths, Huns and Vandals; the Crusades; the conquests of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane; the rise of Islam ... From the Antonine Emperors to the fall of Constantinople in 1453, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ranges over thirteen centuries with flair and wit. A spectacular cast includes Attila the Hun, the Prophet Mohammad, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who re-conquered North Africa and Italy with the aid of his illustrious general, Belisarius. A perennial favourite with our members, and the blueprint for any study of history.

Volume I: The Turn of the Tide
Volume II: Constantine and the Christian Empire
Volume III: The Revival and Collapse of Paganism
Volume IV: The End of the Western Empire

Volume V: Justinian and the Roman Law
Volume VI: Mohammed and the Rise of the Arabs
Volume VII: The Normans in Italy and the Crusades
Volume VIII: The Fall of Constantinople and the Papacy in Rome

John Julius Norwich’s Desert Island Companion

‘I love Gibbon for three reasons: the story, the style and the jokes. ‘Story’ is hardly the word; The Decline and Fall is an epic drama, stuffed full of tremendous characters, most of them monstrous, nearly all of them larger than life. To enjoy that quite individual, remarkable style – has any prose-writer ever surpassed him in his ear for the rhythm of the English language? – you have to take him at his own speed: don’t rush him, savour the sentences. Only that way will you capture that marvellous dry humour, which is once again all his own. Who could improve on that marvellous description of someone’s reputation – it doesn’t even matter who’s – as depending on ‘the uncertain testimony of his own applause? ’

“I was immediately dominated both by the story and the style. I rode triumphantly through it from end to end and enjoyed it all. I scribbled all my opinions on the margins of the pages, and very soon found myself a vehement partisan of the author.”

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Review by kanadia on 15th Jan 2014

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"The binding is simple and beautiful; however, because it is bound in vegetable parchment, it is incredibly weak and will bend at the slightest push of a finger, especially at the very upper and lower ..." [read more]

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