Charlotte's Web

E. B. White


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Bound in cloth.

Printed with an illustration by Garth Williams.

192 pages with 47 colour illustrations.

Book size: 8" x 5¼".

Charlotte's Web

As the runt of the litter, Wilbur the pig is destined not to survive. Fern the farmer's daughter thinks this is 'the most terrible case of injustice' and because of her pleas, he is allowed to live. In the barn, he's given heaps of food and starts to put on weight. What Wilbur doesn't realise, however, is that other plans are afoot. 'I don't like to spread bad news,' says the sheep, 'but they're going to turn you into smoked bacon and ham.' Wilbur cannot believe his ears. Why save him, only to fatten him up and eat him later? Fortunately, help is at hand in the unlikely form of Charlotte, a sagacious spider resident in the barn who dreams up a cunning plan to save Wilbur from his otherwise inevitable fate.

With over 45 million copies sold in 23 languages, this charming story continues to engage children generation after generation. Through its cast of endearing characters, Charlotte's Web shows children everywhere the true meaning of friendship. This edition features the celebrated watercolours by the great American illustrator Garth Williams.

'No child should be without a copy'

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