The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights book


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Bound in full cloth.

12 colour plates and numerous black and white illustrations by Edward J. Detmold.

250 pages.

Book size: 10" x 7 ½".


4/5 from 3 Reviews

The Arabian Nights

'The man who seemed to he the captain presently pushed forward, load on shoulder, through thorns and thickets, till he came up to a certain spot, where he uttered these strange words: "Open, Sesame!"'
- From Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

In the tantalising, exuberant and endlessly inventive tales that make up The Arabian Nights, the magical art of storytelling has never been more powerfully demonstrated. Here are some of fiction's most famous characters – Ala al-Din (Aladdin), Ali Baba and Sindbad – in a marvellous world of all-powerful sultans and seductive princesses, incredible jewels and fabulous beasts. Fairy tales, fables, erotica, riddles, bawdy comedy, mystical encounters; The Arabian Nights draws the reader into a labyrinth of stories, which, like Russian dolls, contain ever more stories.

This is a world where anything is possible – young women are changed into dogs, young men turned half to stone, the earth opens and swallows the unwary, spells and potions make dreams come true or bring disaster, and demons and fairies appear from nowhere to determine an individual's destiny by capricious whim.

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Review by blue.dingo on 19th Apr 2014

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"This copy of The Arabian Nights was perhaps the Folio edition I was most eager to acquire. I love the gold on white and cloth binding, as well as the larger size. The paper is very weighty and thick, ..." [read more]

Review by Dimitris Kouts on 19th Aug 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"I received Arabian nights today, amongst 5 more FS books and I am extremely satisfied. As a person that works with books (binder) I have to say that I find this a superb edition in every aspect. The h..." [read more]

Review by pedro7 on 3rd Apr 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"Bought this book some years ago and have to say I was rather disappointed with it.The book itself is lovely,the illustrations are nice and the binding is very fetching but for the price I did fell som..." [read more]

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